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Tim Bolton

Tim has been working as a chartered accountant in practice since 1988, having worked briefly in the stockbroking business in the City. As a Chartered Accountant, he has concentrated on Tax and taken a commercial approach to the advice given.

At Bolton & Co the approach is very much Client driven and, therefore, different for every client depending upon their needs. Tim’s approach is always practical and bespoke for the individual client as he is able to draw on his experience in dealing with start-ups through to the sale of a business.

Bolton & Co are keen to ensure that you pay the correct amount of tax and are comfortable with any areas that may be subjective. As a result, we do not offer high-risk tax avoidance schemes using offshore structures but do take advantage of all of the reliefs that are available.

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Alison Widdowson

Alison joined Bolton & Co in January 2007. She started with the book keeping and has progressed to dealing with the company accounts and corporation tax returns. She still keeps her hand in with book keeping where her experience is required. This progression means she is able to understand your books from the ground up, resulting in a smooth transition to accounts to file with the authorities.

As a result of extensive experience, Alison is able to resolve many of the problems that can arise when interacting with HMRC.


Madeline Bolton

Madeline has been working with Bolton & Co on a part-time basis since her teens, since then she has graduated from the University of Law with her degree in Law, she currently assists with admin and marketing, however, she is also using her legal studies to add to Bolton & Co’s probate services.


Amanda Bolton

Having assisted in setting up the practice in 1997, Amanda started with the bookkeeping jobs. With over 20 years of experience she now manages all the client payroll and personal tax returns. This is in addition to managing our own books.

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Lucy Brown

Lucy has been with Bolton & Co since 2019 and now looks after all our bookkeeping clients.

Since making tax digital became compulsory under legislation made in 2019 she also submits and assists with VAT Returns via our MTD compliant software.

Additionally, she gets involved in a number of other tax and administrative tasks as her skills continue to grow.

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